GPMS Student Cell Phone/Electronic Device Guidelines

  • All students’ electronic devices (including headphones/earbuds, etc.) must be turned off and put away at all times (unless use is authorized by a teacher or staff member).


  • Electronic devices may never be used in bathrooms or locker rooms.


  • Students may not use electronic devices (including headphones/earbuds, etc.) in the hallways during the school day.


  • At lunch, devices may only be used at designated times and tables.*


  • Teachers will notify students when and how electronic devices may be used in their classrooms. (Optional: “Cell Phones in Use” poster).


  • If a student has an electronic device on or out during an unauthorized time, the teacher will tell the student to turn it off/put it away.  If the student does not comply, the teacher will call for an administrator or School Security Officer (SSO) to come pick up the phone.  The teacher will then write a referral for defiance and unauthorized use of technology.  The parent/guardian will be notified and will need to pick up the phone from the office.


  • Students must comply with the PWCS Acceptable Use and Internet Policy at all times.



Student devices must be kept off during the school day.  If you have an emergency, call the front office and we will get the message to your student.

*Incentive to ROAR*

Academic and Conduct eligible students will be given the opportunity to use their electronic device in the cafeteria at the table of their choice on the Friday following the distribution of report cards. Students will be issued an "electronic device in use" card when report cards are distributed.